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Pulmonary Rehabilitation in COVID-19: The Contribution of other Chronic Lung Syndromes for the Intervention of a Novel Disease

[ Vol. 16 , Issue. 4 ]


Vicente Benavides-Córdoba, Diana Guerrero-Jaramillo and Jhonatan Betancourt-Peña*   Pages 207 - 212 ( 6 )


COVID-19 has spread throughout the world causing a significant number of cases of pneumonia and SARS. Patients with COVID-19 may also have other cardiovascular, respiratory, and neuromuscular disorders. These multisystemic complications present the need for comprehensive interventions focused on improving symptoms, functional capacity, and quality of life. Pulmonary rehabilitation has the potential to offer some of these benefits. However, the evidence related to specific aspects of pulmonary rehabilitation evaluation and intervention in COVID19 is limited. We have learned from experiences with other types of chronic lung diseases that have used pulmonary rehabilitation successfully. While the evidence of rehabilitation emerges in COVID-19, it is necessary to establish some initial recommendations, prepared according to the sequelae found until now.


COVID-19, lung diseases, rehabilitation, exercise, hypoxia, pleural effusion.


Facultad de Salud Universidad del Valle, Facultad de Salud y Rehabilitación Institucion Universitaria Escuela Nacional del Deporte, Cali, Secretaría de Salud Publica Municipal, Facultad de Salud, Universidad Santiago de Cali, Facultad de Salud y Rehabilitacion Institucion Universitaria Escuela Nacional del Deporte, Facultad de Salud Universidad del Valle, Cali

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